VAAM Workshop 2017

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

VAAM Workshop September 2017 schedule

Wednesday, September 27th

13:00 Arrival and check in

14:00 Welcome remarks


Session 1   Jennifer Herrmann

14:15 Raphael Reher

FR900359 – an endophyte-derived natural product: Therapeutic potential, ecology and biosynthesis

14:35 Martin Klapper

Pyreudiones: Novel Bacterial Alkaloids Produced by a Monomodular Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase

14:55 Florian Baldeweg

Structure elucidation of ralsolamycin and its contribution to the virulence of the crop pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum GMI1000

15:15 Anna Sib

A Biocatalytic Approach to the Total Synthesis of Sorbicillinoids


15:35 Coffee break


16:10 Paul Jensen

Plenary lecture


Session 2   Ewa Musiol

17:00 Short presentations of posters


18:10 Poster session with Reception

Thursday, September 28th

Session 3   Robin Teufel

08:20 Felix Wolf

Biosynthesis of the β-lactone proteasome inhibitors belactosins and cystargolides

08:40 Xiaofeng Cai

Protein-protein interaction in monomodular peptide synthetases

09:00 Kyra Geyer

ECR guided production of polyketide extender units

09:20 Jan Rinkel

Naturally diverse: Mechanisms of Diterpene Cyclases from Actinomycetes

09:40 Coffee

10:00 Esther Schmitt

Plenary lecture


Session 4   Yvonne Mast

10:50 Kate Duncan

Comparative Metabolomics of Antarctic and Sub-Arctic Actinobacteria

11:10 Gerald Lackner

Exotic and emerging cofactors in the context of natural product biosynthesis

11:30 Business Meeting

12:00 Lunch break


Session 5   Katja M. Fisch

13:30 Joleen Masschelein

Dissection and rational engineering of the biosynthetic pathway to enacyloxin: a promising anti-Gram-negative antibiotic

13:50 Katja Backhaus

Production of prenylated beta-carboline derivatives in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae

14:10 Fabian Panter 

The Fulvuthiacenes – Secondary metabolites from Myxococcus fulvus with an unprecedented terminal ketene acetal moiety

14:30 René Benndorf

Functional and chemical analysis of Actinobacteria associated with fungus-growing termites


14:50 Coffee


Session 6   Kai Blin

15:10 Mohammad Alanjary

Tools for rapid phylogeny reconstruction and antibiotic resistance genome mining

15:30 Eric Helfrich

Evolution of combinatorial diversity in trans-AT polyketide synthase assembly lines across Bacteria

15:40 Fabrizio Alberti

A Pipeline for Natural Product Discovery from Silent and Cryptic Actinomycete Genomes


16:10 – 17.30 Poster session with coffee and snacks


19:15 Conference dinner

Friday, September 29th

Session 7   Daniel Krug

08:20 Julian Hegemann

Investigation of Substrate Recognition and Biosynthesis in Class IV Lanthipeptide Systems

08:40 Britta Frensch

Investigation of the enzymatic formation of the griseorhodin A pharmacophore

09:00 Helene Lunde Robertsen

Filling The Gaps In The Kirromycin Biosynthetic Gene Cluster In Streptomyces Collinus Tü 365

09:20 Javier Santos-Aberturas

Unprecedented biosynthetic features and a spontaneous origin of structural diversity in the production of actinonin and matlystatins


09:40 Coffee


Session 8   Martina Adamek

10:00 Michelle Schorn

Origin of Poly-Brominated Diphenyl Ethers in Sponge Cyanobacterial Symbionts and their Biosynthetic Potential

10:30 Sergii Krysenko

GlnA3, gamma-glutamylpolyamine synthetase catalyzes the first step of the polyamine utilization pathway in Streptomyces coelicolor

10:50 Nicolle  Som

The Conserved Actinobacterial Two-Component System MtrAB Coordinates Chloramphenicol Production with Sporulation in Streptomyces venezuelae NRRL B-65442

11:10 Liliya Horbal

Secondary metabolites overproduction through transcription engineering of biosynthetic gene clusters


11:30 Poster award and Closing remarks


12:00 End of Workshop